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Hi there adventurers!

Thank you for visiting my little corner on the web and wanting to learn more about me and the stories I create.

A Little About my Writing

Launch of The ConclaveI’ve always loved the sense of wonder that comes from immersing myself into imaginary worlds where the mystical and impossible become reality. That love eventually led me to creating worlds and stories of my own. Although I strive to build detailed environments, everything starts and ends with the characters who live in these places. As such, I aim at creating stories that combine a compelling and multilayered storyline driven by complex and memorable characters. The events always take place in a mystical or futuristic setting (sometimes both) where you’ll find an intriguing magic system or some neat technologies.

I also like to explore themes that are either important or interesting to me, like family and friendship, loyalty and honesty, equality, respect for our elders, to name a few. I also do not limit myself to one genre, instead combining elements from epic/high fantasy, sword and sorcery, dark fantasy, horror, cosmic horror, mystery, suspense/thriller, science fiction (hard and soft), steampunk and dystopian fiction.

Writing is my way of diving into these worlds and adventuring in their lands, often letting the characters lead the way. In other words, I write stories to explore, to adventure, to discover, to dream. I create characters and worlds to be amazed and awed.

A Little More About Me

Hobbiton, New ZealandI grew up in the Acadian Peninsula, located in the northeastern part of the province of New Brunswick, Canada. Growing up, I often played outside, creating alternate realities in the trees around my parents' house where villains, dragons and mystical creatures lived. At around ten, I wrote my first short story, combining French text and pencil illustrations (in colour!). I was lucky to have two parents that encouraged creativity.

At Fog City Comic ConWhen I was fifteen, my friend Gaetan introduced me to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and to the Dragonlance books. I was quickly drawn to the magic and the adventures. I started creating an imaginary world of my own and populated it with heroes and villains (which became Arvelas, the setting of some of my stories, including The Conclave and The Baneseeker Chronicles). During that time, I read a lot of fantasy books and enjoyed each one immensely.

Hobbiton, New ZealandAfter university, I started writing again, mainly in French. Even though it was sporadic, I managed to complete three novels of substantial length. I attempted to publish one of these stories but was rejected. I did not know much about writing at the time and found it intimidating. I was also reticent to share what I had written. In the years that followed, I wrote less and less, never believing I could be an author (and not knowing I was already one). Little by little, I expanded my reading to science-fiction, and then to general fiction, discovering new books, new styles, and new authors. And then, I met my wife, Leigh.

Leigh and ILeigh and I got married in 2010. She changed everything. Leigh believed in me more than I did. She encouraged me to get back into writing and helped me set up an official writing niche at home. She bought me notepads and a laptop, so I could scribble down notes and ideas, and write stories. I have been writing part time, but regularly, ever since.

Leigh and I moved to Fredericton in the summer of 2010. We have three children, a boy and two girls. We love it here, especially the historical downtown, the beautiful river, and the old train bridge.

- Steve (February 2022)

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Posted by Allan Hudson (March 10, 2022)

Love the website, Steve. Well laid out, easy to navigate. Looks great too.

Posted by S. C. Eston (March 10, 2022)

Thanks for visiting Allan. Glad you like it :)

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