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The System of Garadia

In the system of Garadia, undesired individuals are captured, convicted and sent to work on the asteroids to serve their sentence. There, they are given the promise of freedom: once their service is completed, they will be liberated and allowed to go back to their home and start life anew.

Nethu is the last of his family to be taken. Since none of his siblings ever returned, he fosters no false hope of ever escaping the asteroids. Instead, he settles in an endless routine of daily hell, knowing nothing will ever change.

Yet, one day, a new prisoner arrives. She is different and brings with her a refreshing wind of optimism. Against his better judgement, Nethu befriends her and eventually accepts a strange gift from her: a logbox.

Logbox is available in Just a Minor Malfunction... Issue #5.

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"It would be at home in Asimov's magazine..."
- Nathaniel Hardman, author

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Book Details

Writing Start Date: May 12, 2014

Publication Date: June 25, 2016

Version: v1.12.2

Progress: 100%

Type: Short Story

# Words: ~4350

Alpha Reading: Gaetan Clement

Editing: Kira Rubenthaler, Bookfly Design LLC (www.bookflydesign.com)

Cover: S.C. Eston, Cover images credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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