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The World of Arvelas

Lyna, a young warrior-sorceress, roams the world, looking for a place to belong while hunting and destroying every bane core she can find—objects of pure evil that bring madness and misery wherever they appear.

Her next quarry lies in the isolated village of Tanasu, located at the edge of civilization and bordering the Territories of Sij, the land of her ancestors. There, Lyna hopes to destroy the deadliest core she’s ever faced and maybe find a place to call home.

But with each use of her powers, Lyna loses a part of herself; a memory of her past, a remnant of her spirit, a piece of her strength and youth. And when she only finds death and a cursed land in Tanasu, Lyna starts to question if her efforts are making a difference and if there is any hope for this world, and for herself.

Now Lyna must decide. Abandon her quest and leave the world to fend for itself? Or continue what has become a hopeless fight—at the risk of surrendering her very soul?

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Also in the Series: The Baneseeker Chronicles

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Book Details

Writing Start Date: May 20, 2019

Version: v0.07

Progress: 95%

Type: Novella

# Words: ~30000

Alpha Reading: Gaetan Clement

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Lake is a side short story to my epic fantasy series The Lost Tyronian Archives.

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